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Your Letter to Congress

You may wish to send a letter to your Representative or Senator.  A sample is found below, and on our sister website www.ecnc.us.  You may copy the letter below, make your own changes and mail it, or go to the ECNC site and use that tool to email directly to the recipient(s).  The ECNC site contains all contact information needed, just enter your information and zip code on the form provided.  Senator Kay Hagan will be a key vote when this bill comes up and she deserves your special attention.



Re: Employee Free Choice Act


Dear  ______ :


As an employer in North Carolina, I am very concerned about the impact the “Employee Free Choice Act” (Card Check Bill) would have on our State’s economy and on our businesses.  I am even more concerned about its effect on North Carolina jobs.


Here’s why:


Secret Ballots are Critical to True Free Choice


You make important decisions about your leadership in Congress, and other key votes affecting your workplace and your job, by secret ballot.  You do so because it allows true free choice and preserves relationships for the future. Employees deserve the same freedom of choice and employers deserve to have their viewpoint openly and fairly debated along with the union viewpoint.  “Card check” exposes an employee’s choice to public view and subjects their decisions to pressure by organizers and peers. Even the National Labor Relations Board has declared that signatures on cards are poor indicators of true choice:  Dana Corp., 351 NLRB No. 28 (2007).


Federal Arbitration of a Collective Bargaining Agreement is an Oxymoron


This bill imposes arbitration of all undecided contract terms after a brief 120 day period of failed negotiations.  Every aspect of the work, the pay, the benefits, the rules and the work processes can be put before this panel.  This is not bargaining in any sense of the word and it would lay a foundation for future relations between the parties that is fatally flawed.  American entrepreneurs and business leaders should not and will not stand for outside determination of their work methods and expense levels.  They will shrink US operations and grow in non-union facilities.  In Canada, where they have experience with an EFCA-like law, companies have actually closed after dissatisfaction with an arbitrator’s decree (see the E. Gagnon Ltee case).


EFCA is a Solution to a Problem that does not Exist


Rationalization for the EFCA centers on “leveling the playing field” between labor and management.   Are there abuses by some employers . . . and by some unions . . . in election campaigns?  Yes.  Are they widespread according to NLRB cases filed?  No.  Do unions lose 50% or so of the elections held because of these abuses?  No.  They lose where employees are treated well and the union’s record of bringing real advantages to the workplace is absent.  “Why pay a union $600 per year in dues to get me the same (or less) than I have now, and how is that union going to make my job more secure?”  It really is that simple.  Further, union claims of widespread campaign abuses by employers are not supported by the facts:  there were only 62 injunction cases in fiscal 2005 by the NLRB charging such intense violations, and that was in a year when there were 2,300 secret ballot elections! (WSJ, February 2, 2007, Lawrence B. Lindsey).


As a legislator representing our State of North Carolina, please understand the significant impact this legislation will have on the many employees as well as employers in a union-free environment. Our state economy performs well because of its current favorable business climate. Let’s keep it that way.


Please vote against the Employee Free Choice Act in its entirety at every opportunity.  There is no acceptable compromise in this fatally flawed bill.  Help us get through these tough times and start growing again.




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