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CAI's Executive Scan

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Summer 2015

  • "The Regulatory River is Flowing...":  New rules such as changes to the exempt salary threshold and union "Ambush Election" legislation could be challenging to your management team

Summer 2014

  • "Surviving No Man's Land":  Growing companies need to make hard decisions about people to succeed

Spring 2014

  • "People Issues are the Crabgrass in the Lawn of Business":  It takes time and dedication to prevent employee issues

January/February 2014

  • "Is HR Frozen Out in Your Company?":  Warming up to new ideas to improve people issues

August/September 2013

  • "It’s Never One Thing . . . It’s the Weight of Everything!":  Prioritizing your compliance efforts

June 2013

  • "Trust Drives Business": Where it exists, trust makes everything work better

December 2012

October 2012

  • "Is This the Right Problem To Solve?": Five Why’s helps identify the root cause of a problem

August 2012

  • "Is Torture Used in Your Workplace?": Managers and employees are modern victims of poor review processes

June/July 2012

  • "Why is the simplest answer usually the best answer?": Employers add wasteful policies and processes to workplaces every day

April 2012

  • What You Need to Know About Unemployment Taxes

February/March 2012

  • "The Single Best Leadership Style?": Five keys to overcoming distractions that keep good people from becoming good leaders

December '11/January '12

  • "Who can I talk to, Skipper?": Employees without focused managers can become disengaged

October/November 2011

  • Dysfunction Junction: “All Aboard!” – Cluelessness and Hopelessness in Washington DC

September 2011

  • The New NLRB Poster
  • The New Quickie Elections
  • The New Micro Union Ruling

August 2011

  • Vacuums Are Good for Cleaning Rugs, Not for Leading Companies

August 2011 Executive Scan Video - Vacuums and Leadership

July 2011

  • A New Sheriff in Town at ESC (to Become DES)
  • Workers' Compensation: The Original Intent

May/June 2011

  • Why "Best Practices" Won’t Get You the Best People

April 2011

  • Healthcare Reform Decision-Making is in Your Future
  • North Carolina Healthcare Benefits and Cost Survey

March 2011

  • “Exempt” from What? Common Overtime Pay Myths
  • Avoiding Wage and Hour Investigations

February 2011

  • National Labor Relations Board (NLRB)
  • Watch for Big Changes at the ESC

January 2011

  • Good Results/Bad Manager
  • Helping New Managers Succeed

December 2010

  • Preparing for Growth in 2011
  • Engaging Your Employees

October/November 2010

  • The Paycheck Fairness Act
  • Watching the National Labor Relations Board

September 2010

  • Social Media Survey Results
  • Seven Social Media Strategy Tips for Employers

August 2010

  • The Many Consequences of Healthcare Reform
  • How Employers Can Prepare for Healthcare Reform

June/July 2010

  • Salary Increase Survey Data
  • Compensation Strategy

May 2010

  • Executive Orders
  • US Department of Labor's Ambitious Agenda
  • Independent Contractors

April 2010

  • The Employee Free Choice Act (aka Card Check)
  • Lawmakers are in a “Mandatory” Mood
  • Watch for Eye-Opening Changes to your Unemployment Insurance Tax Rate