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HR Organizational Assessment

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CAI’s HR organizational assessment is intended to help your organization identify, quantify, and address issues that may be negatively impacting your business’s results. The feedback that your team provides us will be reviewed and interpreted by seasoned HR professionals. CAI strategic advisors are well-versed in the diagnosis and remedy of issues related to organizational effectiveness. The assessment process includes a debriefing session in which a strategic advisor will:

  • Share the results of the assessment
  • Provide insight on organizational strengths and opportunities
  • Highlight ‘gaps’ in which perceptions vary greatly between groups
  • Provide recommendations on how to prioritize and address problem areas

Ultimately the goal of the assessment is to facilitate a better understanding of your ‘pain points’ and to help you to take the appropriate actions to remedy those issues. Additional free coaching sessions are available to convert insight into action.

This assessment, and more importantly the conversations and action plans that follow, have a value of up to $10,000 depending on the size of your organization. As a CAI member you get this service as part of your membership.

What does the assessment cover?

Seven key areas that impact any business:

  • HR organization
  • Culture
  • Leadership
  • Communications
  • Employee development
  • Total rewards
  • Compliance

How do we complete the assessment?

  • It's a web-based survey with 31 questions
  • For maximum effectiveness, we encourage you to have multiple participants – the HR team, members of the senior leadership team, plus key managers from across the organization.
  • All participants complete the survey and then we analyze the results and produce a custom report for your company.

What happens next?

  • One of our Senior Advice and Resolution team members will conduct a virtual meeting with you to discuss their analysis.
  • You'll work together to develop a plan of action.
  • Scheduled follow up sessions with the A&R team member will help you track progress, stay accountable, deal with challenges and plan for next steps.
  • Of course, you've got to be a CAI member to take advantage of this great resource. If you are already a CAI member and are interested in the assessment please contact Monica Boren at monica.boren@capital.org or 919-878-9222.

    If you are not a CAI member and would like to join, or get more information on the assessment and/or CAI membership, please contact us at 919-878-9222 or 336-668-7746.