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CAI's brand new interactive online platform, myCAI, is a destination for members to solve workplace challenges and to share new ideas and opportunities with other professionals across North Carolina. myCAI engages users by providing a full suite of CAI resources, as well as the collective knowledge of more than 2,000 other CAI members and industry professionals. It meets members where they are and helps take them where they want to be.

Benefits of myCAI:

  • Interact with other CAI members who have first-hand experience with the same issues you have and can provide helpful answers in real-time.
  • Connect to peers who share the same interests, are striving for comparable goals, or are tackling or have tackled a similar issue.
  • Save time and money with HR tools, templates and information.
  • Find exactly what you are looking for with the comprehensive, user-controlled search.
  • Join the conversation with our Advice and Resolution team.
  • Start your own group(s) based on personal and professional interests, field of specialty, industry or more.
  • Gather the opinions of other CAI members on various issues by creating specialized polls and expressing ideas.