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Membership Application

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Download Membership Application (pdf)

The formula for your annual CAI Membership Investment is:

Total number of employees
(min. 40; max. 400)
x $20.00
2017 membership rate
+ $100.00 for each operating facility
(min. 1; max. 5)

The above formula is based on a combination of following factors:

1. The average total number of employees on your payroll for the previous 12 months–including regular, part-time, temporary and seasonal employees. New employers with no previous employment history should project the average number of employees expected on the payroll for the upcoming 12-month period. [The minimum annual membership investment is $900 (40 employees or less). The maximum membership investment is $8,500 (400 employees or more/multi-facility).]

2. The Association's Membership Investment Rate is established each year by Capital Associated Industries' Board of Directors.

3. $100.00 fee each for the first five operating facilities located within the Association's membership area.


1. 10 employees with one facility
40 x $20.00 + $100.00 = $900.00 (minimum dues per year)

2. 200 employees with three facilities
200 x $20.00 + $300.00 = $4,300.00

3. 850 employees with eight facilities
400 x $20.00 + $500.00 = $8,500.00 (maximum dues per year)

I hereby make application for membership in CAI and agree to observe the following policies: CAI materials, information and services provided through membership are proprietary, for individual member company use with their staff and are not to be used commercially. Membership is subject to approval. Dues are payable promptly upon joining and invoiced annually thereafter at the rate established each year by the Board of Directors of CAI. Cancellations must be received in writing by CAI. Except with the explicit written consent of Capital Associated Industries, Inc., any other use of CAI materials, information and services is prohibited.