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One of the key features of the NC Wage & Salary Survey is projected base pay increases, as reported by NC employers. The projected base pay increase for 2016 is 2.7% (incl 0) or 3.1% (excl 0) for exempt employees and 2.6% (incl 0) or 2.9% (excl 0) for hourly employees. 14% of all employers plan to give no increase (0%) in 2016. Of the employers planning to give an actual increase in 2016, about 72% plan to give 3.0+% to exempt employees and about 68% plan to give the same to hourly employees.

A survey highlight of the NC Healthcare Benefits & Cost Survey is health plan premium rates. For traditional plans, the average premium for individual coverage is $5,985 per year, of which employers cover 81%. The average family premium is $17,503 per year, of which employers cover 54%.

The NC Policies & Benefits Survey covers many topics, including 401k matching and vesting. Employers reported safe harbor match (32%), match based on formula (32%), and discretionary match (23%), while 14% of employers reported no match. The most common vesting schedule is 100% in equal increments over 6 years (24% of employers) followed by 100% in equal increments over 5 years (21%). About 27% of employers indicated cliff vesting 100% at year 1, 2, or 3.

About Pay & Benefits Surveys

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In addition to conducting our own NC-based Wage & Salary Survey, CAI co-sponsors several compensation and benefits surveys with fellow Employer Associations (EAAs).

Compensation Surveys

Compensation surveys provide a wealth of information. All compensation surveys sponsored/co-sponsored by CAI provide various cuts of data, offering a full and comprehensive perspective for the user. Data cuts may include geographic region, company size, industry group, sales volume, and compensation type, among several others.

Compensation surveys, when used in conjunction with other sources, can serve as guidelines for employers developing or improving their compensation plans. They assist employers by providing the following:

  • Job classification data to establish a framework for job analysis and development of job descriptions
  • Pay ranges that reflect the increasing use of formal salary grades
  • Minimum salary rates for new companies to determine their ability to recruit
  • Comparisons of various compensation types such as base pay, incentive/variable pay, and total compensation

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Benefits Surveys

CAI conducts valuable surveys on employee benefits. Benefit strategies continue to evolve, and CAI surveys capture current trends.

Designed in collaboration with Hill, Chesson, & Woody (HCW), the NC Healthcare Benefits & Cost Survey is unique, as it provides employers with the critical information needed to manage their employee health plans. Benchmark comparisons of medical plan designs, premiums, and cost-sharing arrangements can be made with other local organizations.

The newly redesigned CAI Policies & Benefits Survey covers core/current trend topics in HR policies and employee benefit practices. In the past, CAI co-sponsored the national version of this survey. CAI saw the benefit of creating and conducting its own local version. Topic areas include Health & Welfare, Time Off, Pay Practices, Retirement Plans, Workplace Culture, Recruitment & Staffing, and Termination.

The updated Holiday Plans Survey, available to all members free of charge, provides information on employer observation of major holidays in the upcoming year.

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