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Recruiting with CAI

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Want to save time and money on recruiting?  Let CAI’s HR On Demand™ recruiters partner with your HR efforts to locate and hire your next superstar employee!

For more than 10 years CAI has successfully sourced and placed hundreds of candidates in positions ranging from customer service representatives to IT engineers and everything in between. CAI offers a variety of recruiting options and can tailor services to fit specifically within your organization so you receive the exact level of support that you need in a cost effective and time sensitive way. In fact, one of the greatest advantages of utilizing CAI’s recruiting service is that the recruiters work as part of the HR On Demand™ team. This is a special team within CAI that focuses specifically on providing “what you need, when you need it.” In other words, CAI recruiters have the availability to make searching for your next employee their top priority.

Need another reason?

The CAI Advantage:

  • SAVE: time, energy, money by getting the RIGHT candidate the FIRST time
  • PARTNERSHIP: CAI works with your organization as an extension of your HR efforts and can handle as much or as little of the recruiting process as you’d like
  • AFFORDABILITY: CAI works strictly on an HOURLY basis with NO FINDER’S FEE
  • CONVENIENCE: of CAI’s HR On Demand™ Service, get exactly what you need, when you need it

Ready to let us make your next hire your best hire?

Let’s get started! Which solution is right for you?

Full Service Recruitment

CAI’s recruiting services extend far beyond merely screening applicants, as we excel at handling any or ALL elements of the recruitment process. You decide how much or how little of the process our recruitment experts can assist you with. These options include:

  • Defining the recruitment strategy, including identifying the branding/positioning statement, appropriate posting options and competitive compensation and benefit levels, visiting your site (if appropriate) and guiding your team through the recruitment process
  • Gathering job specifications and requirements, then defining the critical success factors
  • Development and placement of job posting
  • Sourcing candidates through social media sites and search of resume databases
  • Ongoing contact and support throughout the process

You then determine the level of support for the following activities:

  • Resume screening
  • Interviewing and short listing candidates
  • Coordinating interviews and candidate feedback
  • Guidance to hiring managers on behavioral based interviews

Placement Of Your Advertisement On Careerbuilder.com

CAI offers a CareerBuilder posting service, where CAI members get a significant discount on CareerBuilder job postings by posting the positions through us. We can post for you anytime. If you were to post on your own to CareerBuilder, the cost would be $419 for one 30-day posting. When posting through CAI, the cost for one 30-day posting is $299 ($240 for the posting plus a $59 administrative fee). Whenever you would like CAI to post a position for you on CareerBuilder, simply complete a posting template to complete as much information as possible for your ad.

To request a posting template please contact Jill Feldman (recruiter) at jill.feldman@capital.org. Once you are ready to submit your template, simply return it to Jill and it will be posted on Careerbuilder.com within the same day.

Placement Of Your Advertisement And Candidate Screening

CAI’s recruitment experts will go through the myriad of responses you receive from your job posting and provide you with a short list of those candidates whose applications best represent the experience and qualifications you seek.

Two levels of service:

  • Resume screening only, with a short list of 8-10 candidates
  • Resume screening, followed by telephone screening , with a short list of 3-5 candidates

Additional Recruiting Tools At CAI:

  • Criminal background checks/waivers
  • General reference checking
  • Electronic Form I-9s & E-Verify
  • Pre-employment assessment tools

Now, let us show you what we can do...

Click Here to view (and apply to) a full list of positions

CAI is currently recruiting for

CAI is not a recruiting agency, and does not adhere to recruiting agency business models. For example, recruiting agencies are typically paid a percentage of the candidate’s first year salary (usually 20% or 25%), whereas CAI works strictly on an hourly basis and only for the work requested. Members who have utilized CAI’s HR On Demand™ recruiting services have found them to be significantly more cost effective than a retained or contingent third party recruiting agency.

As such, each organization retains full control over all hiring decisions and can also set a limit for specific services/hours they want CAI’s recruiters to work on their behalf.

While CAI cannot guarantee that all positions will be filled, with a minimum of 15 years of experience each, CAI’s recruiters have a proven track record of success that speaks for itself.

Recruit smarter, not harder! Contact us today to get the CAI Advantage!

(919) 431-6084

HR On Demand™: “What You Need, When You Need It”