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Form I-9 Comply/E-Verify Program

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Save Time and Help Avoid Penalties and Fines
Ranging from $216 to $2,156 per Form I‑9

CAI offers paperless Form I‑9 Management, Verification, Compliance and Storage System. This full compliance system is fast, easy and cost effective.

CAI provides the most user‑friendly way to comply with Form I‑9 employment eligibility verification and E‑Verify┬« regulations. The CAI solution enables the paperless preparation, signing, management, auditing and virtual storage of all of your Form I‑9 records. The software fully integrates with the DHS’s E‑Verify system, to automatically submit employee data and receive real‑time responses.

The Form I‑9 Comply/E‑Verify Program:

Help avoid penalties and fines ranging from $216 to $2,156 per Form I‑9

  • Digitally signs Form I‑9’s and is 100% automated and paperless
  • Facilitates step‑by‑step resolution process and open case tracking
  • Provides compliance alerts and simplifies workflow with one‑click access to a vast array of system features
  • User‑friendly dashboard interface
  • Enables easy conversion from paper (archived) I‑9’s and supporting documents to a fully electronic solution
  • Automates audit trail history of all required actions
  • Reduces audit risk exposure by systemically purging Form I‑9’s that should be eliminated according to the three‑year/one‑year rule

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