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One of the key features of the NC Wage & Salary Survey is projected base pay increases, as reported by NC employers. The projected base pay increase for 2016 is 2.7% (incl 0) or 3.1% (excl 0) for exempt employees and 2.6% (incl 0) or 2.9% (excl 0) for hourly employees. 14% of all employers plan to give no increase (0%) in 2016. Of the employers planning to give an actual increase in 2016, about 72% plan to give 3.0+% to exempt employees and about 68% plan to give the same to hourly employees.

A survey highlight of the NC Healthcare Benefits & Cost Survey is health plan premium rates. For traditional plans, the average premium for individual coverage is $5,985 per year, of which employers cover 81%. The average family premium is $17,503 per year, of which employers cover 54%.

The NC Policies & Benefits Survey covers many topics, including 401k matching and vesting. Employers reported safe harbor match (32%), match based on formula (32%), and discretionary match (23%), while 14% of employers reported no match. The most common vesting schedule is 100% in equal increments over 6 years (24% of employers) followed by 100% in equal increments over 5 years (21%). About 27% of employers indicated cliff vesting 100% at year 1, 2, or 3.

2016 NC Policies & Benefits Survey

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The 2016 NC Policies & Benefits Survey includes co-sponsorship from The Employers Association (TEA) in Charlotte and Western Carolina Industries (WCI) in Asheville. Results provided in this report represent employer policies and benefit practices for 471 employers in the state of North Carolina. Data were collected in the late summer of 2016, and reported in the fall of 2016. The purpose of the 2016 NC Policies & Benefits Survey is to provide employers with a local perspective regarding core/current trend topics in HR policies and employee benefits practices. This survey is conducted every two years.

Up to 319 questions were asked of participating employers.

Company size breakouts (<100 EEs, 100-250 EEs, >250 EEs) are provided in addition to overall (total) perspective.

The following topics are covered in the 2016 survey:
  • Voluntary Benefits - including life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment, long term care insurance, short term disability, long term disability, other voluntary benefits
  • Time Off - including FMLA, sick time, vacation time, PTO, holidays, maternity/paternity/same sex leave, adoption benefit, jury duty, bereavement leave, military, leave
  • Pay Practices - including pay administration, overtime and premium pay, on-call practices, variable compensation, business travel and cell/data reimbursement
  • Retirement Plans - including 401(k)/403(b) plans, pension plans, other plans, retiree benefits
  • Workplace Culture - including work environment, flexible/alternative schedules, dress code/gear, employee relationships, cell phone/internet/email use, social media, wellness, corporate/social responsibility, recognition, inclement weather
  • Recruitment & Staffing - including staffing agency use, pre-employment assessments, physical exam, drug screening, background checking, relocation benefit, hiring/promotion practices, internship/co-op, professional employee development/training, performance appraisals, benefit statements
  • Termination - including discipline/attendance, severance, exit interviews

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