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2017 NC Wage & Salary Survey

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The annual NC Wage & Salary Survey provides comprehensive pay practice and salary data for employers across North Carolina. As a valuable local resource, this statewide survey covers company wage structure and pay practices, current/projected base pay increases, and detailed job data (salary, bonus, range) for more than 500 jobs.

This year's statewide survey includes co-sponsorship from The Employers Association (TEA) in Charlotte and Western Carolina Industries (WCI) in Asheville. Results provided in this report, therefore, represent a market representation of employer compensation practices for all of North Carolina.

The 2017 NC Wage & Salary Survey was completed by 628 unique organizations, representing 1,471 facilities and 135,306 employees. The full PDF report contains a detailed overview, participant list, executive summary, informative tables, and extensive job data. Summary level graphics are also provided for each job offered in the survey. This visual value-add will assist users in understanding the market representation of each job. All job data are also provided in a user-friendly Excel file, including salary, bonus and range data. The link to Excel data is provided on the page following the cover.

The collection of job data includes average pay rates. Job data are reported by several data cuts, representing those factors that may influence base pay. Data cuts include:

  • All Data Summary
  • Geographic Region
  • Facility Size
  • Industry Group
  • Tax Status

A number of descriptive measures are provided to assist users in making informed compensation decisions:

  • Degree of Job Match
  • Weighted Average
  • Simple Average
  • Percentiles including 10th, 25th, Median, 75th, 90th
  • Actual Bonus Paid
  • Percent of Organizations Eligible for Bonus

In addition to salary data, additional data are provided to offer a broader perspective of compensation. Additional data include:

  • Classification (nonexempt, exempt, executive)
  • Salary Grade or Range Data (min/mid/max)

To purchase a PDF version of the survey please click here.