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One of the key features of the NC Wage & Salary Survey is projected base pay increases, as reported by NC employers. The projected base pay increase for 2016 is 2.7% (incl 0) or 3.1% (excl 0) for exempt employees and 2.6% (incl 0) or 2.9% (excl 0) for hourly employees. 14% of all employers plan to give no increase (0%) in 2016. Of the employers planning to give an actual increase in 2016, about 72% plan to give 3.0+% to exempt employees and about 68% plan to give the same to hourly employees.

A survey highlight of the NC Healthcare Benefits & Cost Survey is health plan premium rates. For traditional plans, the average premium for individual coverage is $5,985 per year, of which employers cover 81%. The average family premium is $17,503 per year, of which employers cover 54%.

The NC Policies & Benefits Survey covers many topics, including 401k matching and vesting. Employers reported safe harbor match (32%), match based on formula (32%), and discretionary match (23%), while 14% of employers reported no match. The most common vesting schedule is 100% in equal increments over 6 years (24% of employers) followed by 100% in equal increments over 5 years (21%). About 27% of employers indicated cliff vesting 100% at year 1, 2, or 3.


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