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One of the key features of the NC Wage & Salary Survey is projected base pay increases, as reported by NC employers. The projected base pay increase for 2016 is 2.7% (incl 0) or 3.1% (excl 0) for exempt employees and 2.6% (incl 0) or 2.9% (excl 0) for hourly employees. 14% of all employers plan to give no increase (0%) in 2016. Of the employers planning to give an actual increase in 2016, about 72% plan to give 3.0+% to exempt employees and about 68% plan to give the same to hourly employees.

A survey highlight of the NC Healthcare Benefits & Cost Survey is health plan premium rates. For traditional plans, the average premium for individual coverage is $5,985 per year, of which employers cover 81%. The average family premium is $17,503 per year, of which employers cover 54%.

The NC Policies & Benefits Survey covers many topics, including 401k matching and vesting. Employers reported safe harbor match (32%), match based on formula (32%), and discretionary match (23%), while 14% of employers reported no match. The most common vesting schedule is 100% in equal increments over 6 years (24% of employers) followed by 100% in equal increments over 5 years (21%). About 27% of employers indicated cliff vesting 100% at year 1, 2, or 3.

Participate in OPEN Surveys

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Taking part in CAI surveys is a member privilege and is strongly encouraged.  The submission of data by members is a win-win, especially when done regularly. Data integrity enhances with increased participation, and participating members receive electronic survey results at no charge.
The 2017 National Executive Compensation Surveyis open for participation! Good executive compensation data is hard to find, especially from small to mid-size employers. 47 executive and high level positions are offered in this survey. Contact the CAI Survey Team at cai-survey-team@capital.org for your unique link to participate. Submit your company's data by Friday, February 17th. Results will be available in late May.