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What Would Healthcare Look Like If Getting It at the Lowest Cost Was Your Key Priority?

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Making decisions that will control health plan costs are not typically cut and dry; employers must consider how those decisions will affect their workforce and ultimately how it will impact their business strategies.

A lot has changed in the healthcare world. New technology and rules may have made specific options available to employers that may not have been available before the post-health care reform marketplace. Plus, with change, opportunity comes from new ideas on how to control health care costs. If groups haven’t taken a look recently at all the available options available to reduce costs, chances are employer-sponsored health plans are leaving money behind.

What would happen if an employer pulled every lever that controls cost in a healthcare plan? What would the perfect paradigm in the health plan world look like if cost were the only priority? We will explore various plan designs, employee engagement and decision making tools, health management, and the use of non-insurance carrier resources to manage costs.

By seeing a benefits strategy that is specifically designed to control cost, employers will have a better understanding of the available strategies. This will enable them to control health care costs that will result in a win-win solution for employers and employees.


Skip Woody - Hill, Chesson & Woody Employee Benefit Services

With nearly 20 years of experience in health and welfare benefit plans, Skip has leveraged his knowledge to make Hill, Chesson & Woody an industry leader.

Today, his firm is committed to helping its clients stay ahead of Healthcare Reform while designing innovative health plans that produce desired business outcomes. With staff experts focused on compliance, wellness, communications, benefits administration, underwriting and risk management, HCW is able to stay abreast of all the latest trends in healthcare.