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CAI Training Philosophy

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From the Classroom to the Workplace

The core objective of CAI’s training is to help people enhance their on-the-job performance.  To do this, we are developing programs that are based on modern, proven learning principles and practices.  The Management Advantage™ is the first complete, comprehensive development tool designed using CAI’s training philosophy.  CAI’s training philosophy includes these elements:

  • Enhanced content based on research from top leadership/industry experts
  • Clearly articulated course learning objectives and expectations
  • A learning model that focuses on:
    1. Awareness: Each course/module begins with the introduction of a concept related to the unit’s objectives.  The concepts are examined through discussions, lecturettes and experiential activities.
    2. Practice: The participants engage in exercises that allow them to practice the skills and behaviors they’ve learned.
    3. Application: The participants determine how to apply what they have learned to their individual issues and job situations.
  • Adult learning theory
  • Use of role-plays and real life case studies to engage learners in a “doing activity.”  Through that active process the learner is drawing on training content to act out a realistic scenario.  Those scenarios prepare learners with simulated job experience, which aids in the transfer of training.
  • Assignments and group activities that facilitate collaborative learning from peers.
  • Action planning, which accelerates the transfer of learning back to the job and holds participants accountable for applying the skills and adopting behaviors
  • Rich, detailed participant guides that enable participants to leave with materials that they can use as reference materials back on the job
  • Feedback evaluation to measure participants’ reaction to course; additional pre and post assessments to measure learning objectives being met for all certification programs

For additional information about CAI’s Training Philosophy please contact Colleen Cunningham at colleen.cunningham@capital.org or 919.878.9222.