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Coaching and Team Development

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When properly integrated, coaching will improve skills, competence and confidence, as well as significantly impact your bottom-line and operational results.

Effective leaders are essential for organizations to excel in today’s competitive marketplace. Coaching can identify skill deficiencies and then provide the support and guidance necessary to enable individuals and teams to maximize their contribution to your company’s performance.

We offer customized coaching for executives, directors, front-line managers and supervisors, key individual contributors and teams to assist your organization in achieving significant and sustainable results. Below are some of the coaching services we provide:

Performance Coaching

Will help your organization develop highly skilled individuals and teams to measurably improve their performance. We assess and address obstacles and limiting behaviors that can impede an individual’s ability to be successful in your organization.

Developmental Coaching

Proactively develops business, leadership, and people-skills for targeted individuals (managers, high potentials, key positions, and senior staff). Utilizing developmental coaching will ensure you develop and retain future leaders for your organization.

360° Feedback Coaching

Managers and leaders use 360 assessment feedback to gain a better understanding of their strengths and their areas of development.The recipients gain insights into how they are perceived, the impact of their behaviors and what opportunities there are for improvement. Organizations use 360 assessment feedback to help develop future leaders, support development of current leaders in their existing roles and to assist in preventing derailment of a leader who may have blind spots and is exhibiting inappropriate behaviors.

Team Development Coaching

A facilitated team-building process designed to help each team to improve interpersonal dynamics, build team effectiveness, eliminate challenges and obstacles and agree on optimal team behaviors for the future. We can work with your team to:

  • Improve communication and increase collaboration
  • Build and mend trust
  • Manage conflict more productively
  • Increase respect for individual differences
  • Empower individual and group accountability
Contact Colleen Cunningham at colleen.cunningham@capital.org or 919-713-5271 to learn more or to schedule a call to discuss CAI's coaching services.