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Peer Learning Services

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Are You Ready for Peer Learning?

CAI’s Peer Learning Groups use a proven process to bring together committed professionals who focus on solving their most important business issues and ensure it happens each meeting.

The power of each group is WHO is in the room and HOW we get the right issues on the table!

What Should a Group Member Expect?

  • Actual peer experiences are used to solve difficult challenges
  • Group members develop trust and strong relationships
  • Individual goals for accountability and forward movement
  • Regular attendance by trusted cohorts in a confidential setting
  • Challenge from members who see things differently
  • NOT a seminar or typical roundtable – no vendors or competitors allowed
  • Important changes in how you view and approach your role
  • A new level of impact on your organization
  • A unique learning environment unmatched at this price level

Am I Eligible to Join?

True peers with similar levels of responsibility and roles - who want to engage in a give-and-receive learning method - will benefit from a Peer Learning Group at CAI. Reasonable commitment to attendance and active participation in both issue raising and resolution are required. An application, confidentiality promise and interview are part of the selection process. We want to be sure we get the right people with the right issues in the right group!

Peer Learning Member Testimonial

“The relationships I’ve developed with my peer learning group and the impact it has had on my ability to succeed in my position have been incredibly valuable. Learning from the actual experiences of my peers instead of just guesses and suggestions has given me strong confidence in my decision making. As a result, I’ve been able to contribute to my organization at a very high level.”

Claire Niver, Peer Learning Group Member Since 2004
Senior Vice President Human Resources and Corporate Affairs, Pepsi Bottling Ventures

For More Information, Contact:

Mary Brown