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2017 Employment and Labor Law Update

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Everything You Need to Know About Recent Developments in State and Federal Employment Law

As an employer, you understand that staying compliant with federal and state regulations is imperative for avoiding costly fines and negative publicity. However, you also know that workplace regulations are constantly evolving and enforcement agencies are always looking for ways to improve their methods. Staying compliant is often challenging when weighing in those factors. Knowledge is your best defense!

Make sure you are informed and prepared by joining us for the 2017 Employment and Labor Law Update on Tuesday, May 23 and Wednesday, May 24 at the McKimmon Center in Raleigh. You will receive the latest updates and information on law and regulation changes from Ogletree Deakins attorneys and CAI experts.

Full Conference Schedule

*Breakfast and networking will begin at 8:00 AM each day. The program will begin at 8:45 AM each day and conclude at 3:45 PM.

Who Should Attend

Executives, corporate counsel, HR professionals, managers, and supervisors who need to know the latest developments in state and federal employment law and recent court decisions and how they affect employers now and in the future

Why You Should Attend

  • To review how the latest developments in state and federal employment laws and regulations affect your organization
  • To gain the information necessary to ensure your company stays compliant with recent legal changes
  • To identify what your company should be doing now to prepare for the new overtime regulations
  • To understand how to navigate the evolving minefield that is the ADA
  • To acquire knowledge on why your well-intentioned policy may put you at risk of litigation
  • To obtain the answers to questions you have specific to your employees and organization
  • To network with leading employment law attorneys and more than 400 HR executives, managers, professionals and other company leaders from the Triangle, Triad and Eastern North Carolina

Topics Covered

EEOC Update
Changes in federal EEO law continue to occur.During this session we will discuss the important current EEOC litigation cases, nationwide trends and the EEOC’s new five year strategic plan (2017 – 2022). You will hear the best practices human resources leaders should consider adopting in response to the changing EEO environment.

It’s Going to Be Huge! The new Administrations and Employers
This 2016 election will shake up workplace laws. At the national level, Republicans control the White House and Congress and a new Justice will be added to the Supreme Court. In North Carolina, voters elected a Democratic governor while giving Republicans super-majorities in the state House and Senate. How will these changes impact the new overtime regulations adopted last year? What would a repeal of HB2 mean for employers? What other changes are on the horizon that could impact your employment policies and agreements? During this session, we will answer these questions and many more.

Affirmative Action and OFCCP Compliance in a New Administration
Even though the administration has changed, OFCCP’s compliance evaluations continue to be comprehensive. Federal contractors and subcontractors are required to comply with the fairly new regulations regarding paid sick leave, pay transparency, and sex discrimination, as well as the veterans and disability regulations. Yet, OFCCP also continues to predominantly focus on selection and compensation issues during its compliance evaluations. This session will examine the fast-moving world of affirmative action compliance, discuss the effects of the GAO Report on OFCCP, and provide best practices for contractors and subcontractors in this nuanced area of law.

North Carolina Law Update
Each branch of the North Carolina government impacts employers within the State.And they each keep changing the rules.This session will explain the most important North Carolina law changes that will affect your business.

Anatomy of an Accident: Are You Prepared for an OSHA Serious Injury or Fatality Investigation?
Workplace safety investigations involving serious injuries or fatalities can be very challenging for employers and their managers and human resources professionals. An accident and its investigation can affect all aspects of a business and heavily involve the company’s HR department and its attorneys. In this presentation, we will look at a hypothetical accident and discuss the key decisions that must be made and the steps that must be taken at the center of a crisis. We’ll also discuss relevant injury reporting requirements, best practices for handling the investigation, and how to prepare your team and organization to properly address and respond to the many issues caused by a serious injury or fatality in the workplace.

The Invisible Workforce: Managing Leave Entitlements to Get Employees Back to Work (or on Their Way)
Employers have to run their businesses, while also not running afoul of the various laws that entitle employees to take time off. Often it is difficult to determine when, or if, a person on extended leave intends to return to work. This session will cover how an employer can better manage leave entitlements to get employees back to work after leave expires — or else properly separated within the confines of the law. This session will also address the pros and cons of utilizing third parties for leave administration as it relates to these issues.

From Water Coolers to Snapchat: Preventing Sexual Harassment in a Modern Workplace
Maintaining a workplace that is free of sex-based harassment can be challenging, especially given that employers can be held responsible for harassing behavior by employees at all levels and by non-employees, including customers. This session will address how to minimize the risk of harassment by establishing sound policies and consistently enforcing them with all employees, including executives. We will also discuss how to respond if an employee claims that harassment has occurred or if the employer becomes aware of harassment, even if no complaint is made. Finally, we will discuss the public relations implications of harassment allegations and the associated response by companies and their boards, as well as the necessity of having a plan when crises arise.

The Ultimate Exit Interview Checklist
Whether a separation is involuntary or voluntary, employers need to take the time to plan an exit discussion. Checklists are crucial for remembering key elements of any task, including: collection of equipment and other company items; passwords and keys/key cards; transition of duties; discussion of severance pay/agreements; drafting the termination document; timing and delivery of the final paycheck; handling pending wages; and other key issues. Although many of these items seem like common sense, they can get overlooked during the termination process and discussion.

Tips for Toeing the Line: The Latest Developments in I-9 and E-Verify Compliance
I-9 compliance continues to haunt employers that don’t have adequate processes in place. This session will include a discussion of the new Form I-9, policies employers should adopt to ensure compliance, and recent audit and investigation activity by immigration authorities. Panelists will also present case studies to illustrate challenges employers face and offer strategies to reduce exposure. Finally, this session will discuss developing areas in employment-based immigration enforcement and highlight steps employers should be taking to ensure they are prepared for a variety of government visitors.

The Reduction in Force Toolkit — Managing the Risks
Reductions in force (RIFs) are a high-risk proposition because of the multiple terminations involved, the need to act quickly, the emotional impact upon the workforce, and the many steps involved. An orderly, checklist-driven process helps employers avoid common mistakes and conduct the RIF efficiently and in compliance with the law. Join this session for a discussion of a step by step RIF toolkit that covers the key areas that employers must address in the RIF process, including attorney-client privileged reviews and analyses, communications with employees, separation agreements, and more.

Preparing for (and Hopefully Avoiding) a Class Action Before It Is Filed
Class action litigation is not inevitable. The steps you take today can keep your organization from becoming an attractive target to the plaintiffs’ bar—and help cement your defense before a lawsuit ever hits. Learn from an attorney who has been in the trenches about the tips and strategies that can keep you from becoming another class action statistic.

In Search of the Truth: Foolproof Interview Techniques for Workplace Investigations
Getting to the truth in a workplace investigation sometimes feels like navigating a maze, with twists and turns around every corner. During this in-depth session, our attorneys will guide participants through the labyrinth of conducting an investigation that is both legally compliant and that uncovers the facts necessary to get to the truth. The session will incorporate interactive technology and mock scenarios to highlight the necessary tools for being a thorough and unbiased investigator, and for testing the facts when the credibility of a witness may be an issue.

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