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Upcoming dates for this program:

  • 07/26/2017 - 07/27/2017
  • 08/08/2017 - 08/09/2017
  • 09/06/2017 - 09/07/2017
  • 09/12/2017 - 09/13/2017
  • 09/26/2017 - 09/27/2017
  • 10/25/2017 - 10/26/2017
  • 11/01/2017 - 11/02/2017
  • 12/07/2017 - 12/08/2017
  • 12/12/2017 - 12/13/2017
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Team Leader Certificate Program

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High performance organizations depend on employees called Team Leaders, Lead Workers, or Group Leaders more than ever before. These individuals may have limited authority, but great responsibility for producing results and making the "rubber meet the road" as far as productivity. High performance is achieved or not achieved by those they lead, so while the Team Leader may not have the power of management, they must possess the skills of leadership, communication, goal setting, time management and motivation. They also need to be able to improve the efficiency of their team through diagnosing problems and effectively training others.

This interactive two-day certificate program will help ensure that your Team Leaders are well prepared to perform at a high level. Through group discussions, exercises, role-plays, and action planning, participants will develop the skills they need to succeed as a Team Leader, and better understand how to apply those skills to their specific workplace situations.

Who Should Attend

Team Leaders, Lead Workers and Group Leaders; Project Leaders

Learning Objectives

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the core tasks and responsibilities of Team Leaders
  • Describe the changes impacting their organization
  • Apply strategies to effectively influence others
  • Identify the characteristics of effective leaders
  • Communicate effectively with subordinates, peers, and superiors
  • Apply active listening skills in a role-play
  • Communicate clear messages and requests for action
  • Identify and resolve conflicts
  • Manage difficult employee behaviors
  • Understand what a team is and their role as a team leader
  • Develop SMART goals
  • Understand different motivational factors for employees
  • Assess the motivational climate of their work group
  • Identify actions they can take to better motivate their team
  • Apply a process to improve employee productivity
  • Provide effective reinforcing and corrective feedback
  • Identify appropriate actions to improve employee performance
  • Understand the on-the-job training process and how it relates to employee motivation and productivity

Topics Covered

  • Role of the Team Leader
  • Characteristics of an Effective Leader
  • Communicating Your Message
  • Resolving Conflict and Handling Difficult People
  • Setting SMART Goals
  • Providing Performance Feedback
  • Motivating and Improving Employee Productivity
  • Training for Results

Note: If you are already in a Supervisor role the best training course for you to attend is Fundamentals of Supervision Certificate Program or Principles of Management Certificate Program.

* If you are attending this event in Raleigh and you need a hotel reservation, CAI has arranged a special rate for you at the Hampton Inn Raleigh Midtown for $99 plus tax per night.


CPE Field of Study(s): Personal Development

CLE Credits: None

CPE Credits: 13